Gluten-Free Flour Blends have Transformed my Baking

I well remember the first few years that I was gluten-free.  What a struggle!  I felt better  so that was good. However, my entire "cooking/baking" world turned upside down. Suddenly, all of the recipes I had for doughs, breads, yummy desserts  tried and true  were suddenly off limits.

Enjoy Life's Pizza Crust Mix

Enjoy Life has done it again! The pizza crust mix is yet another exciting addition to the Enjoy Life products.  This mix, like all of the mixes, is free from the top eight allergens.  The ingredients are also GMO-free and contain probiotics.  I was impressed to see some wonderful and nutritious ingredients such as teff, millet, flaxseed, and sprouted brown rice protein.


Enjoy Life has a Brownie Mix--Yum!

I love Enjoy Life's new baking mixes.  Not only are they certified gluten-free, but they are also free from dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, egg, soy, fish, and shellfish.  Since one of my family members seems to be bothered by dairy recently, having a product that all of us can eat is just...well, amazing.


Enjoy Life's Muffin Mix

My family loves eating muffins for breakfast.  They are just quick and easy!  Enjoy Life has now made the process even easier.  With their muffin mix, I only need to add oil and water to the mix in order to get some yummy muffins for my family.  (Interestingly, the box said that the mix makes approximately ten muffins.  However, I was able to get twelve nice full-sized muffins from the mix with no problem!)  


Enjoy Life's Pancake and Waffle Mix

All of the Enjoy Life products I've had have tasted wonderful.  The Pancake & Waffle Mix is no exception!   The texture was perfect--with just the right touch of crispiness vs. fluffiness.  The taste was also great--with just a light touch of vanilla.  One thing I really like about this (and all the mixes) is that no egg is required to make the food.


NEW Enjoy Life Baking Mixes

I have always been impressed with Enjoy Life's products; therefore, I was thrilled when I heard that they had developed baking mixes.  My family values the gluten-free aspect of Enjoy Life's products; however, they are also free from seven other allergens!


Gluten-Free Pizza Hut Pizza

Way to go, Pizza Hut!  Recently, Pizza Hut announced that many of its restaurants would be carrying gluten-free pizza as an option for those of us who can't have gluten.  

Fortunately, one of those Pizza Huts is located near us--in Johnson City right across from the Oakdale Mall.  

Things to like:

Udi's crust!

Luna Bars Now Gluten-Free

As probably a lot of you already know, Luna makes gluten-free Luna Protein bars.  However, I just recently ran across the following information which clearly shows that we can expect ALL Luna bars to be gluten-free:  "Big news!

Health Beat's Gluten-Free Sales for December 2014

Here are Health Beat's gluten-free sales for this month: 


Another Hit from Enjoy Life

In Blue Clues, the main (human) character Steve bursts into a happy "We Just Got a Letter" song whenever the mail comes.  Well, when I see a package on my front porch that is clearly postmarked from Enjoy Life Foods, I, too, feel like bursting into song. Enjoy Life Foods is one of those companies I adore.  I love when I hear from them asking if I'll do a review.  Why? Well, first of all, I know I'll most likely ENJOY the food they send.



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